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Wolvenwold Beltane 2013

A Watercoloured Spring!”

Praising the WATERS of Life

Growth! Planting! New Life! Rebirth! Love!!! Joy! Passion!!! Beltane!!!

May 9th - 12th 2013




Featuring Entertainment By:


* Leo Starwind *

* Brian Greenway *




* Viridis *


*The Wolvenwold Belly dancers; Amber & Autumn*


* Dragon’s Gaze Fire Troupe *



Allison Hancock

Presentation on the Dark Goddess, Shiva, & Shakti


Beltane Ritual

Featuring the

May Queen ~ May King

May Princess ~ May Prince

(with live music)


Goings On:

MUSIC! * Dark Goddess & Shiva Shakti Presentations* Dragon’s Gaze Fire Troupe * May Baskets * Cob Building * Natural Cleaning Workshop * Watercolours/arts/crafts * Drumming * Bellydancing * Handfasting of Amber & Eric * Coming of Age Rite *Mead Making Workshop * Potluck Feast * Late Night Adult Drum Circle * & Much More!

Children’s Faery Play

(Hop on the Float!)

Singing Gypsy Hayride Land Tour

Late Night Mayday Minstrel Bardic Circle with Spellsinger

Kids’s Activities

S’mores, treasure hunt, dig~n~find stuff, faery play practice, wands/wings/tutu making... and “Hello Spring” Piñata! Oh! And possibly a Saturday night sleepover!

~Nourishing CheeZy Offerings By~

CheeZy Faery



Wish List:

Work Exchange!

Pre-Festival Work Exchange: We have five slots available for five individuals, who would like to trade five hours (each) of work, before the festival, doing cleanup for the landowner. It must completed during any weekend before the end of April. These individuals will each receive, in exchange, one pass for free entry to the festival.

During-The-Festival Work Exchange: Other (festival time) work shifts are limited at this time, but inquire with Beltana to see if any remain. Regular Staff is already in place for this event. Regular staff are expected to attend work weekends as much as possible.

NEEDS/WISH/Possible Exchange LIST:

New Hoses! (Bring a hose, any hose! As long as it is new, or in very good condition. We can use them to get the shower and water lines to get the WATER ready for the new season!)

Other supplies and things needed: We can always use these things, and exchanges or reductions is registration fees may be worked out in exchange for: supplies for children’s activity area (wands/wings/tutu making supplies, healthy snacks, drinks, games, outdoor sandbox type toys, crayons, paper, water toys, etc.) toilet paper, torches, torch fuel, copies and prints, and so on!

Maybasket Workshop Stuff! Bring Baskets for Maybasket making... Gemstones, paints, brushes, little canvases, tiny handmade gifts and items to put in them, ribbons to tie them up with prettily, tissue papers, flowers, nature walk stuffs, scents, sounds and sights for them to experience, anything you can think of that might be a nice little gift for those special someone(s)! You will be allowed to make as many baskets as you wish, depending on supplies donated, and we will be leaving them on the doorstep (or tentstep) of those we want to gift them to, late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. It’s a secret! It’s friendly! It’s romantic! It’s a beautiful thing!

Ideas? Suggestions? Proposals?




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